Andy Polaine

Fjord Fika podcast: We chat with Dave Gray

Episode 7: Dave Gray has spent his life asking questions and drawing pictures of the answers. He first worked in newspapers as a visual journalist, using design and information graphics to tell complex stories and later, he founded XPLANE, the visual thinking company, to put this practice to use in the business world. Although Dave has probably visualized and explained more new technologies, business strategies, and processes than anyone on the planet, he keeps asking questions.

Today, he’s most interested in working with large companies to solve complex problems related to design, culture, innovation and change. He has written three books, including the popular Connected Company and Gamestorming as well as the recent Liminal Thinking, which is all about creating change by changing how you think.

For our Fika break, I chatted with Dave about today’s crisis of innovation and how organizations that struggle with innovation can ultimately get it to stick.

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Andy Polaine

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