Abbie Walsh

Fjord Fika Podcast: We chat with Katz Kiely

Episode 3: Living Business is the notion that outward transformation at companies builds from the inside out, with employees as the advocates and catalysts at the heart of this change. With only one-third of the workforce engaged in their work, it’s clear that a new approach to improving work culture and engaging employees is needed. The potential positive impact in figuring this out is too great to ignore. But how do we do it?

It was a question I posed to Katz Kiely, founder of Kiely & Co., a small services business that pioneers people-powered digital transformations, during our Fika break. We approached the topic through a discussion about Burning Man, which has an incredibly unique approach as an organization, one that Kiely says others can learn from. At Burning Man, people empower each other, not for monetary gains, but because they are passionate and because it feels good. For Kiely, this set-up has made her wonder if there’s a better way of organizing our places of work and empowering and engaging employees.

And there is.

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Abbie Walsh

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