Andy Polaine

Fjord Fika Podcast: We chat with Mark Pesce

Episode 9: In this Fika episode, I sat down with Mark Pesce, a noted writer, academic, inventor and leading luminary in the world of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence, to discuss the world of VR and mixed reality today. Mark has spent close to 30 years in this space and was one of the co-inventors of Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), the first standard for interactive 3D graphics on the World Wide Web. In the years that followed, Pesce oversaw the VRML Architecture Group, a consortium of industry and academic stakeholders furthering VRML standards development.

Today, we’re living in a world of mixed and blurred reality, evidenced by the staggering success of Pokémon Go last year. Mark and I chat about how mixed reality is the next true technological frontier and why we need to make better use of 2D before we fully embrace 3D as well as his utopian and dystopian visions of the future.

Mark is also host of This Week in Startups Australia, the nation’s leading tech podcast. Enjoy the conversation!

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Andy Polaine

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