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Fjord Fika podcast: We chat with Michael Wolff

Episode 4: For our Fika break, I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Wolff, co-founder of world-renown design company, Wolff Olins, about the bond between design and brand identity.

 Wolff likens brands to results, claiming that a brand manifests because of what someone has done, and how well they do it. “You don’t make money; you earn it. And you earn it by bringing value to people,” Michael says, highlighting the essential link between consumer impact and practicality when building a brand.  

Wolff also touches upon the competitive landscape of branding, and the need to find new ways of making a mark, in today’s market. He suggests companies should blend humanness and corporate responsibility with brand identity. “It is a question of how willing people are to really look at the consequences of what they do on the one hand, and their ambitions to do something that is consequent on the other.”


Kindness, Wolff believes, needs to be higher up the business agenda.

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Daljit Singh

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