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Fjord Fika podcast: We chat with Sam Ford

Episode 5: Today’s news cycle, filled with shouts of alternative facts and “fake news,” is unlike anything we have seen in the past. For our Fika break, I sat down with Sam Ford, a noted media studies expert, to discuss how the media landscape is changing, what the role of media should be today, and why there seems to be such an abundant mistrust of news.

Sam has spent his career in media studies. He has been a journalist, a consultant, author and academic, always focused on how we tell stories and new ways to engage audiences. The 24/7 news cycle we’re in today, Sam says, is both a blessing and a curse. Legitimate news outlets – as well as illegitimate ones – rely today on clicks to generate as much reach and traffic as possible. And at a time when everyone with an iPhone can act like a journalist, it has become increasingly challenging for people to be literate consumers of news.

This is an of-the-moment conversation focused on how we’re still adjusting to the digital age we’re living in and how you deal with a crisis of imagination when we people simply don’t trust the news.

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Kelsa Trom

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