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Fjord Fika: We chat with Baroness Beeban Kidron

Episode 14: Baroness Beeban Kidron is a British filmmaker who has spent more than 35 years working in feature film, television drama and documentary. Now, as founder of 5Rights, she’s working on several digital projects to create technological solutions to support children and young people to be creative, safe and informed in the digital environment.

In this Fika break, we talk to Kidron about the unintended consequences of today’s digital world, specifically the growing conflict between businesses adopting total customer centricity at the expense of societal centricity. From Airbnb’s impact on local rental markets to Uber’s impact on local industries to fake news swaying public opinion, examples are numerous. And through it all, Kidron says nobody has thought about the impact on kids growing up in this new world order.

We explore how and why society should retrofit values from the analog world into the digital world (and should we even be thinking of these as two separate worlds?), how we keep kids safe on the Internet and her latest passion in the 5Rights campaign.

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Dan Harris

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