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Fjord Fika: We Chat with Greg Walsh

Episode 15: Greg Walsh is one of the lucky few who knew what he wanted to do for a career from a very young age. A trip to Epcot Center at Walt Disney World with his family made him realize that he wanted to create experiences for other kids that made learning fun. And that’s exactly what he does today.

Walsh is both a professor of UX and human-centered design at the University of Baltimore and a design researcher, where he works with kids to design for kids. For the last several years, he has led UB’s intergenerational design team, KidsteamUB, through which children and adults work as partners to design new technologies used for education and entertainment, including using Minecraft-like games to facilitate design sessions. He won a Google Faculty Research Award for this work.

In this Fika break, we talk to Walsh about co-designing with kids, the future of design education (hint: if you want to solves more problems, co-design from K-12 and beyond), what’s wrong with the Maker Movement, and the limitless imagination of children.

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