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Fjord Fika: We chat with Karl Iagnemma

Episode 19: In the early 2000s, Karl Iagnemma established a research lab at MIT focused on cutting edge robotics and driving technology, which, at the time, came in the form of small, robotics systems with wheels. These systems, which Karl says looked like, “scale model cars,” were not very smart or intelligent, but now, 15 years later, the technology developed in his and his colleagues’ labs around the world are powering today’s generation of automated vehicles.

Karl is currently the CEO and co-founder of nuTonomy, a software company that builds software for fully driverless vehicles. nuTonomy’s mission is to radically improve the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of transportation in cities worldwide. That means a future where driverless vehicles are available where people need them, when they need them, in cities from Singapore to San Francisco and everything in between. By eliminating accidents due to driver error and maximizing vehicle utilization, nuTonomy hopes to enable safer roads and a healthier planet.

For Karl, the excitement of this technology is in its potential to increase safety, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the overall fleet of vehicles on the road by automating it. In this Fika break, we talk to Karl about transportation efficiency, the potential for reshaping cities, saving lives through autonomous vehicles, and creating a driving system on the road that is much, much safer than today’s human piloted cars.

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Olof Schybergson

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