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Fjord Fika: we chat with Kevin Finn

Episode 28: Kevin Finn is many things. A designer by training, he’s also the editor of Open Manifesto, an independent journal that focuses on the intersection of design with social, cultural, political and economic issues issues, has worked with Edward De Bono on his portfolio of work, launched a venture called DesigNerd, which produces a graphic design card game and is now becoming a content and education portal, and designed the TV identity of SBS, Australia’s multicultural and multilingual broadcaster.

Kevin is also a facilitator of sorts, organizing conversations, content and exchanges of information between designers and non-designers to help everyone think differently about design. In this Fika break, we talk to Kevin about his long, rich body of work, the passion, risks, demands and rewards of generating content and ideas, and his hope for what one can learn from networking and investing in information exchanges. We also tackle an important question: does talking about design make you a better designer?

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Tim Buesing

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