George Mayou

Fjord Fika: We chat with Laurence Kemball-Cook

Episode 16: Imagine if you can fight climate change simply by going for a walk? And that every time you took a step, clean energy would be harvested from your body back into the grid? Sound insane? Well, the idea is not as far fetched as it sounds – and is even available to you today, thanks to Laurence Kemball-Cook.

In 2009, he founded Pavegen, an energy harvesting startup that has pioneered a flooring tile that converts wasted kinetic energy from footsteps into renewable electricity. The highly-engaging, people-powered innovation has the ability to transform smart cities of the future, entirely through footfall. Imagine every airport, train station, gym, city sidewalk – basically, anywhere people walk – as an opportunity to harvest energy from human footsteps, which is then used to power WiFi hotspots, generate electricity and feed back into the grid.

In this Fika break, we spoke to Kemball-Cook about energy harvesting, fighting climate change, smart cities of the future, and weathering the ups and downs of entrepreneurship..

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George Mayou

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