Daljit Singh

Fjord Fika: We chat with Robin Chadha

Episode 13: Why can’t hospitality be reinvented? That was the question in Robin Chadha’s mind when he joined and helped launch citizenM hospitality group in 2008. Having grown up in a fashion family (Chadha’s father had founded Mexx), Chadha always had a passion for travel, design and branding. That mindset – especially one that embeds design into a business’s DNA – has created the disruptive company that citizenM is today.

In this Fika episode, we talk to Chadha about how to deal with the challenges facing hospitality today, mainly the distribution landscape and new innovations within the sharing economy. We also chat about building a brand, embedding design thinking into an organization, the critical need to always keep the customer’s needs first and foremost, and finally, how technology can help you think ahead and stay innovative.

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Daljit Singh

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