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Fjord grew into a giant in the digital design world

By Paul Öhrnberg in Kauppalehti

Translated from Finnish


Finnish Olof Schybergson leads a worldwide service, design and innovation agency.

Olof Schybergson has been in the right place at the right time. Years ago as a young man, born and bred in Helsinki, he happened to study art and graphics, just when computers really started to take over the world. This has taken him far.

Schybergson has studied in Helsinki, Stockholm and London, and he was among the first to join the digital transformation. Now he leads Fjord, one of the world’s biggest digital service design and innovation agencies.

Schybergson has headquarters at Fjord’s New York office where a team of 80 works with several well-known global brands and clients. The company has altogether 22 offices around the world, employing about 800 digital design professionals in total. There is also an office in Helsinki with a workforce of 40.

Founded by Schybergson and two of his colleagues, Fjord transferred to the ownership of Accenture Interactive in a transaction three years ago. He stayed to lead the company which continues independent operations in the team of the consultancy giant. The transaction brought more clients and the company began to grow sharply. In a little over three years, the number of personnel has quadrupled.

Fjord has plenty of work as digital transformation with its disruptions has made several traditional companies quite worried and scared. With his team, Schybergson helps companies keep up and succeed in this transformation. At the moment, it looks like there won’t be a shortage of work in the future either. Work is offered by the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence which are only getting started.

“We have moved over to an era of living services: all things in our surroundings are slowly becoming digitally connected to each other. It offers endless opportunities.”

According to him, this development increases the need and demand for digital service design and innovation services even further. Many companies need help as old and familiar thinking and business models change.

“Let’s take the car. You shouldn’t think about just a car but the need to move and transport as well as the whole linked with it. We are moving from product-centric to service-centric thinking. It is our task to think about what this change is like and how it affects business. We don’t just present visions but we also think about the execution,” elaborates Schybergson.

Just a few years ago, most of Fjord’s clients came from telecommunications, media or the financing sector, but now almost all industries, not forgetting the public sector, are grappling with digitalization.


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Fjord Family

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