Fjord Journey to Greenland

Christian Lindholm

We wanted to send some words and pictures to describe the incredible time we are having on our Fjord Journey to Greenland. Saturday marks the end of our ‘journey’ but we have seen such amazing and inspirational views, we had to share our journey so far.

Amazing and inspirational views

We have walked on glaciers, cruised at 30 knots through an asteroid belt of icebergs with Alonso of the Seas, Jørgen, our local captain, just to name a few experiences…

It was wet and cold on the first day, and during our hike up a dry Fjord, analysing the architecture of Fjords, the weather slowly improved to have the skies open up at the south end of the Inlandsis, the second largest glacier of the world, stretching north for 2800km.

On the way down, some Caribou came to check us out and the other group was catching dinner with Fisherman Olli. The Salvelinus Alpinus were enjoyed fried with a bit of olive oil and a cold beer…pure!

Our inspirational journey

The third day took us on a glacier tour first observing a very active glacier dropping lots of ice into the Fjord, then we headed up on the glacier. The team inspected old holes in the glacier, drank glacier water and enjoyed the views. In the evening the beach was filled with icebergs washed up on the beach, it was like an art gallery created for us here and now.

Like an art gallery created for us
We wanted to shape the environment, but had little success!
Some just liked to sit and enjoy the view

Getting around was swift on the steel re-inforced RIBs crusing the iceberg filled Fjords at 30 knots, an experience to get anyone’s heart racing. Particularly as the water was freezing!
We are well and happy and filled with Fjord experiences from the smallest grain of sand to the largest chunk of ice…

The Fjordians in Greenland

From Fjordians: Christian, Charlie, Olli, Ji, Claire, Yonatan, Melanie and Daniel

Christian Lindholm

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