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Fjord Journeys day five: An unforgettable trip

While our colleagues are starting their work weeks, our Fjord Journey is coming to an end, and our Monday is one of good-byes. Some of us are more eager to return to our regular lives. I’m thinking specifically of Bill whose heart is held hostage by three little ones in Detroit. Not that the rest of us don’t miss our family and friends. Maybe Bill is just more vocal… about everything (We love you, Bilbo).

Our driver, who was compelled under duress by his wife to return to the Faroe Islands from Iceland, whisks off our Chicago, Madrid, and Melbourne colleagues early in the morning leaving Arne, Linda, Roope, and me. After spending every meal with nine other people (+/- Bill), it is a bit lonely just the four of us.

The next flight is not until the afternoon, so we have some time to ourselves. Roope has some work to catch up on, and leaves us to savor our last moments in the Faroe Islands. Arne, Linda, and I decide to go into town to see if there is any shopping to be done. Before we leave the breakfast room, Arne successfully convinces me to have a breakfast pastry which is as buttery, flaky and delicious as you might imagine.

Journeys day 5 Arne

Photo credit: Arne Schütze

We return to our rooms before walking into town. Having found a few things Evan left behind, Arne and I make plans to return them to their rightful owner, for the right price (Arne, I forget what our demands are! Please remind me!).

In town, Arne is on a mission to find a few small presents for his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We visit a couple of shops, including the one adjoining the visitor’s center. He’s successful (no sweaters on this buying trip), and offers to show Linda and I the city park. I’ve read about this city park on Trip Advisor, so I’m curious. Linda wonders, “Why do they need a park when they are surrounded by all this incredible nature?” It’s a pretty adorable park, but unfortunately it is time to catch the shuttle to the airport, so we leave.

Journeys day 5 Stu

Photo credit: Stuart Barnett

While on the plane, I have a bit of time to reflect on an eventful five days with lovely colleagues and stunning nature. In the Faroe Islands, with its spectacular views and clear waters, our sense of time and space expands. Without the distractions of our regular routines and demands, this trip has energized our creativity and tested our limits to show us a glimpse of our full potential.


Photo credit: Stuart Barnett

Cover image credit: Evan Tremblay

Mimi Chen

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