Fjord Journeys: Day One – The start of a Journey of a lifetime

Ksenia Avetisova

Every year a team of Fjordians from all over the world get the opportunity to visit a real Fjord. This year the destination was Lofoten Islands, the most picturesque place in the northern part of Norway. Our base was the Moskenesøya island, and specifically the small fishing village called Reine. 


We had a fantastic team to make the trip even more amazing: 11 Fjordians from across the globe and our guide Roope Roine.

Everyday work and life seemed to be so hectic before the start of the trip, but it all changed as soon as we boarded the first plane.

Day One

The Helsinki crew met up in the airport just before 7am. We were all quiet, with our eyes half-closed and probably still half asleep. When we were taking off from Helsinki, the fog was so thick that it was impossible to see anything even a few meters away. When landing in Oslo, the same foggy weather greeted us, and it seemed for a moment that we had just made a circle in the sky and landed in Helsinki-Vantaa again!

Luckily that wasn’t the case and by the time we had our breakfast in the airport, the sun started shining through the clouds. Our plane to Bodo was late, which gave us a chance for another round of breakfast beers.

We arrived in Bodo just in time to see our scheduled flight to Leknes take off without us. We were waiting in a tiny airport for a few hours before we managed to catch the next flight to our final destination. Regardless of deviations from the original travel plan, everyone was in great spirits, and there was laughing all around.


Arriving at Leknes was breathtaking – Roope, our Journeys guide, was already waiting for us alongside our colleagues from the US, and we set out on the road trip to Reine.

Once we settled down in our cabins, Roope took off again to pick up the three remaining Fjordians from the airport, while the rest of us strolled down to the local restaurant for our first taste of the local cuisine.


The first evening we had a delicious soft and tender cod fillet and it went quickly! The evening has without a doubt prolonged our lives by a few years thanks to the amount of laughing we all did, mainly contemplating our cultural differences and sharing jokes.

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Ksenia Avetisova

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