Fjord Journeys: Day Three – Stormy weather and Vikings

Ksenia Avetisova

On day three of the Fjord Journey, the Norwegian weather wasn’t on our side. It was no excuse to stay in our cottages though, so we ventured out in true Viking spirit, for another day of Nordic experiences around the small fishing village of Reine.

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Day Three

The morning was rainy and windy, making it rather tough to get out of bed after all the exercise we got the day before. A few of us even decided to go back to sleep right after breakfast, but the rest of the group was all geared up for the day’s activities: checking out the Viking museum and hiking on the old road around the mountain.

The Viking museum turned out to be a very entertaining place, because it re-created the house of clan’s chief, with all the attributes of life in those times. The chief’s house was found very near by the place where the museum is situated now – on the top of a windy hill in Lofoten. The museum was not a conventional one, as it was divided into different sections – one with videos and audio guides for objects found, whilst the other section was a completely interactive exhibition of the chief’s house. We could try out Vikings’ armor, play games, and touch everything around the house. We continued the adventure walking towards the waterfront through a forest to see Viking ships.


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After a short shopping and lunch break we headed off to the next expedition, hiking on an old road around the peninsula. The beach from where we started was gorgeous, especially as the weather was stormy. It was raining and the wind picked up speed to such an extend that walking to the edge was getting pretty risky. But we managed the entire walk, and took some awesome pictures along the way.


A hot shower felt fantastic once we were back in the village. During dinner we tried another Norwegian specialty, cooked dry fish. It had been dried earlier and in order to be cooked now, it had to be soaked in water for at least 24 hours. It had a very interesting taste, and somehow went very well with the chocolate cake which was served for dessert.

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Ksenia Avetisova

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