Fjord Journeys: Day Two – Kayaking and Northern Lights

Georgina Monjaraz

On the second day of this year’s Fjord Journey, we saw Reine village and the surrounding islands from a whole new side. The Norwegian Fjords took us on a journey where we had the chance to see the area from a new angle, and in the evening we were treated to a, even in Norway, rare sight – the northern lights.

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Day Two

Our first official full day was devoted to kayaking. Since the weather in Norway is challenging at times, especially in September, and the forecast was the best for this particular day, we made the decision to all go kayaking together, rather that splitting up into teams. For a few people in the group, kayaking was a completely new experience.

Our Fjord gentlemen were kind enough to carry all the kayaks down to the water. Climbing inside them was an interesting exercise! The other challenge that we had to overcome, among others that day, was learning to coordinate the paddling movements with our kayaking partners. It was hilarious, especially for the team in the last kayak who had the pleasure of seeing all the colourful kayaks in front making their way with completely de-synchronized paddling and gliding on the water in any other pattern than a straight line.


Discovering the fjords by sea was a great experience. We also soon discovered the next level of pain in our arms and shoulders, but there was no choice but to continue paddling to keep up with the pace our guide was setting.


We experienced moderate waves, super low clouds, wind, some rain followed by an amazing rainbow, and at the end also beautiful sunshine, lighting up the scenery in amazing colors.

As lunchtime approached we were all very happy to step ashore and have a break. Unfortunately we never imagined that we would need to hike for about an hour through the landscape to reach the designated lunch spot by Bunes Beach. But, once we reached the destination, the effort to get there was rewarded – a white sandy beach, which has been voted one of the best in Norway. However, it is always cold – so no swimming, not even in the summer months. The spot chosen for lunch was on the hill in the middle of the island, and made it possible to see ocean in all directions. It was like a fairytale, but unfortunately with quite nasty weather.


On the way back we all seemed to have figured out the whole kayaking thing and some even attempted to race each other. Sami and I claimed the victory by entering the harbor first, and celebrated by taking photos of everybody else, who arrived after us.

JMP_3650 copy

We were back in Reine right in time for dinner. We  were all very excited about this, first of all due to the comfort of a hot meal, but mostly – because some of us got to try whale meat for the first time. Norway is one of the few places where whale hunting is allowed and, as Norwegians themselves say, is done properly.

Before the exhausted but happy team called it a night, we got to experience something magical – the northern lights. Our waitress in the restaurant gave us a tip, which was confirmed by a special northern-lights app, that there was a high chance to see the Aurora Polaris exactly during the time we were staying in Norway. Despite the clouds closing in we all got a chance to enjoy the magnificent view of the sky.


Georgina Monjaraz

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