Introducing our latest ‘Fjord Journeys’

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When a Fjordian has been with the company for two years, we like to give them the chance to embark on a memorable, stimulating and very different kind of trip. We call these trips ‘Fjord Journeys’. On company time, instead of sitting at their desks, we pack them off in a group to experience one of the most miraculous natural sights on the planet: a fjord.

This year we have arranged Fjord Journeys to Norway and Greenland, with the first group leaving today – Sunday July 10th.

What’s the point?

The idea is to take our people out of their everyday working environment and offer them an experience that’s inspiring, educational and eye opening.

We chose to visit fjords because they’re spectacular, awe-inspiring landscapes. They’re filled with the water that connects continents, and in our wilder flights of fancy we try to think of digital services that connect devices and people, in a fluid way. (Plus, we’re called Fjord, so it was kind of obvious.)

Everyday we work at the cutting edge of technology, but this trip is anything but high-tech. It’s about the natural elements and the outdoors, not digits and pixels, but about being in touch with physical elements and the world around us.

Making Fjord a unique place to work

Because our business is entirely based on people, we have to understand what people want in order to design digital services. And for that we need to attract and retain the best staff.

In Fjord’s work on service design, we often talk about using gaming dynamics, rewarding people to ensure you create a strong relationship between the service and the user. Why shouldn’t companies act in the same way towards their people? Fjord is actively looking to extend this thinking with initiatives like our ‘Curious George’ fund: when staff have been with Fjord for six months they receive a bonus sum to spend on anything to do with personal development.

I hope Fjord Journeys will build on this and continue to give our people a chance to develop their own perspective on the ethos of the company.

Thanks for listening,

Olof Schybergson, CEO, Fjord

Fjord Family

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