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Jennifer Dettmering

“You get real discovery when you combine disciplines” – Jackson Bond

Last month finally saw the return of our Fjord Kitchen event to the Fjord Berlin studio. It was a great opportunity to not only listen to outstanding speakers but, unexpectedly, also a chance to play and paint with our food.

Fjord’s CCO, Mark Curtis, opened the evening by touching briefly on the evening’s theme, Everything is a service waiting to happen, and elaborating further on this trend and others which Fjord published earlier this year. Mark Bothorn, Fjord Berlin’s Group Director, then introduced our five speakers over the course of the evening:

  • Alexander Gerstner of Baur,
  • Benedikt Lehnert from 6Wunderkind,
  • Jackson Bond of Relayr,
  • Alex Wolfson
  • and final words from the ambassadors of taste, Miles Watson and Sebastian Wussler of Pure Berlin.

“We see the value of utilizing people” –  Alexander Gerstner

First up, Alexander Gerstner from Baur spoke about the challenges of transforming a company from being purely product focused to center their efforts around their customers and users in order to develop an improve user experience. In the beginning, it was all about the product, but now companies like Baur see the value of utilizing people and their experiences to build future services.

 “We need to create an environment where no one fears mistakes” – Benedikt Lehnert

From building trust, the journey then moved to our next speaker, Chief Design Officer Benedikt Lehnert from 6Wunderkinder who in the end is all about services and people. In order to create meaningful relationships between both, we learned that we also need to create an environment where no one fears mistakes. We should embrace the beauty of starting something from scratch: “The hardware is only the enabler. Our business is the cloud, the software”.

 “How do we combine the real and the virtual world?” – Jackson Bond

Now looking at Wunderbars invented by Jackson Bond from Relayr, we explored how to combine the real and the virtual worlds. Wunderbars have found a way to get physical with this piece of hardware that allows the user to track one’s favorite bottle of wine or never lose glasses again by sticking one Wunderbar onto them. This allows people to obtain data that can be evaluated and actionable. You can provide a service if you know what your customers are doing or want and you need data for that, explains Bond. “We created a service which let’s people combine data as we sometimes need to make something physical. Hardware is a bitch” he concludes. We love it.

 “Who is going to save the consumer from this tedious amount of data? Who is going to manage and help them process it?” – Alex Wolfson

With another point of view into data, Alex Wolfson gave us interesting insights about how to make people love their own data and not be afraid of it. According to Wolfson, people are now in the early stages of a relationship with data and are willing to experiment, but still have a lot of questions.  A good way to solve the initial lack of trust is by building transparency. People need to fall in love with their own data by receiving a useful service in return.

 “I get paid to play with food” – Miles Watson

Thinking about “Everything is a service waiting to happen”, Pure Berlin, who were responsible for the great dinner of this night, introduced us to a whole new world: the German cuisine and its redefinition. When going to a restaurant, we mainly consider the food a service itself, so looking at cooking as a possibility to break the barriers between people lies close.

“We see ourselves as ambassadors of gastronomical pleasure, and have seen that people are more likely to try if you don’t tell them what it is”, Pure Berlin points out and adds that there are no limits for them in cooking. And we were finally allowed to play with our food!

Core themes from the evening? – Trust, love, passion, intimacy and possibly most importantly, Fun.

These are the things we need to ensure we bring to our work and our clients so that we build great services and relationships.

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Jennifer Dettmering

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