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Around 40 guests came to the Fjord London studio and sat in our ‘Kitchen’ to listen to some speakers and indulge in some great food, drink and conversation. Guests were from a range of companies operating in the space such as: Barclays, Lloyds, Santander, RBS, Orange, Barclaycard, UBS and INQ.


Our first speaker was Luis Uguina from BBVA who gave his views on the topic. He talked about how banks need to think hard about how the mobile can replace the wallet and that mobile handset manufacturers could lead mobile payment solutions. He continued with thought provoking questions such questions as, how do banks use gamification?


Next up was Martin Kolek from Mastercard, who shared some of Mastercard’s new mobile payment solution, a project worked on with Fjord.

Oscar Clark followed Martin with lessons from mobile games and a dive into real vs virtual currency. Oscar described himself as the ‘light relief’ however his presentation sparked much debate.

Our last guest speaker was Holger Spielberg from Paypal, who shared with us some new Paypal projects such as their new window shopping service in Germany, which involves simply shopping through a window with your phone, the concept is being rolled out to retailers at the moment. The evening finished off with our own Christian Lindholm who presented his views on the wallet and how it will be absorbed into the phone in the next ten years.


The outcome was there are certainly more questions than answers, but people are very much aware that the rules around banking and mobile payments are going to change for sure. The opportunity lies in the provision of innovative, interactive services to help engage the customer on a new level and drive up customer loyalty.


Fjord Family

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