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It was a busy event with 35 guests and speakers from ITV, Orange and of course, representatives from our team in London.



Andrew McGrath, Director of Design Vision, Guidelines and Mobile experience at Orange, gave an interesting perspective on design challenges, asking if organisational politics were one of the biggest hurdles? He spoke about the importance of establishing a design vision and guidelines to help communicate the value of effective design. He also explained why we had to communicate these principals through every facet of the business – from people to processes – and talked about how we could view the organization as a design parameter.

Next up was Alberto Barreiro, Head of Experience at, who shared ITV’s take on communicating the value of design. He talked about the “product being the experience” and that these experiences must be meaningful if we’re to have any connection with them. He boldly stated that design requires exposure and conflict, pulled together by love. It was a fascinating talk.

Our Chief Client Officer, Mark Curtis, closed the evening with a very thought-provoking speech on the rise of the Chief Design Officer. Stating that “products are the new marketing” Mark predicted significant shifts in the boardroom were on the horizon as designers start to take up more decisive roles in organisations. He explained why consumers are becoming increasingly savvy towards marketing approaches, reacting less to ‘traditional’ marketing and advertising and more towards incredibly well designed products. Citing the evolution of mobile technology as a game changer in the way consumers engage with brands, Mark predicts the Chief Design Officer will soon become an indispensable part of the boardroom.


The event raised lots of questions and in a world where consumers are more mobile that ever before, the opportunities for innovation and design and limitless. The trick will lie in providing experiences and services that help customers engage more deeply with brands, while insuring the importance of design is understood.

If you would like to come along to our next Fjord Kitchen event or would like to hear more, please contact Paul Barwick.

Fjord Family

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