Fjord Kitchen NYC: Where Will the Internet of Things Take Service Design?

Annie Woodhead

On Tuesday, October 9th, Fjord presented our latest Kitchen event in New York, co-hosted with IxDA. As per Fjord tradition, our Kitchen events are not just about great content, but also about amazing food, which we thoroughly enjoyed thanks to Bite. Despite the rainy weather, the evening brought together a packed house full of guests ready to explore how the Internet of Things will influence and shape important areas for service design like the future of content, retail, payments, and health.

Moderated by Fast Company’s Cliff Kuang, our panelists included:

  • Steven Dean, Partner, Prehype. Adjunct Faculty, ITP.
  • Rob Faludi, Collaborative Strategy Leader, R&D, Digi International. Professor, ITP/SVA.
  • Scher Foord, Executive Director, Design, Condé Nast Technology.
  • Tim Queenan, Director of Strategy, Google Creative Lab.
  • Rachel Ramoni, Executive Director, SMART, Harvard Medical School.
  • Jacob Styburski, VP Customer Experience, Enterprise Growth, American Express.

Some of the highlights and key themes of the evening:

  • The Internet of Things is here, and will become more ubiquitous and invisible.
  • Good service design will continue to humanize the technology and the data around us, making its complexity disappear into the background.
  • Given that, our panelists agreed that it’s high time to kill the term “Internet of Things.” What’s important is to create an “Internet of Things People Want,” that should eventually evolve into the “Internet of Things People Expect.”
  • To make this a reality, designers must create a shared language that allows for collaboration across the companies, industries, and individuals creating the services of tomorrow.

A special thank you to our all of our guests, and to our fantastic moderator and speakers. You can check out more photos of the event here and the video here:

All photos by Shaun Gillen.



Annie Woodhead

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