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Every week in the London studio, our team gets together to either share inspiration, learn something new or invite a client or two along for a mashup session.

Last week we focused on considering the bigger picture of design – Design with a capital ‘D’ – which means the wider business context of what we’re working on.

To facilitate the discussion, we used Alex Osterwalder’s famous business model canvas from his 2010 co-created ‘Business Model Generation’ opus.

As a shorthand to understanding the major moving parts of many businesses, it’s a great place to start. And as such, we ran a little exercise, giving a partly-formed business concept to teams of 3 designers and asking them to come back 15 minutes later with a business model canvas thought through, with all the sections filled in.

To round it off, everyone voted for the concept that had the most solid business model. The ‘winner’ was our fabulous Steve Graham and Anita Chandra with their 3D printing business, which during the discussion pivoted entirely towards a multi-sided 3D printing platform facilitation service, kind of like Etsy but matching the maker with the person with the printer.

It was an interesting exercise to run with all of the design team – it’s fair to say that the exercise involved us thinking about a bit more than just concepts this time – much more about how a business delivering on a concept would actually work. As such, very much in line with the kind of real client work we’re doing now.


Fjord Family

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