John Jones

Fjord Makeshop: Explorations in Wearable Design

At Fjord, we spend every day trying to solve design issues on behalf of people and businesses. We don’t subscribe to the “fail fast” mantra of most tech companies. Instead, we believe in making, exploration and iteration. For us, it’s about the journey between starting and finishing – not failure or success.

Enter the Fjord Makeshop, our proprietary build-to-think process that allows us to explore ideas and build design solutions in fresh ways. After all, the only way to see if a design or product works is to make it. And that’s exactly what we do, using technology as an enabler and starting point for great design.

In the Makeshop, we often start with an insight about user needs or behavior and then come up with a small idea to start to solve for that need. We make journey models and products with physical materials, then graduate to more high fidelity physical products and applications of services. And sometimes, it even starts to look like an invention, like the directional lanyard we recently created as a way to explore invisible UI. Check out the accompanying video for more on this Makeshop exploration in wearables.

We’re exploring all sorts of things in the Makeshop today, like voice control, smart fabrics, sensors, and data visualization, all of which we’ll share with you as new ideas and solutions start to emerge. For now, enjoy our first exploration in wearable design.


John Jones

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