Fjord participates in Smarcos project to improve the usability of interconnected embedded systems

Fjord Family

Fjord London is working as part of the Smarcos consortium, which consists of 17 European research and commercial organizations including Nokia Research, Philips Research, Honeywell and Valve. Smarcos is a €14.2M EU funded R&D project focusing on user experience design and research for interconnected embedded systems, such as smart objects, ubiquitous computing and the internet of things.

Fjord’s role focuses on developing novel design and research methods, running a large scale user research trial and disseminating and publicizing Smarcos work online and at major conferences.

Claire Rowland and Chris Browne kicked off dissemination activities at EuroIA 2010 in Paris on 24th September, speaking about ‘Design beyond the glowing rectangle – what does the internet of things mean for UX designers?’ Their presentation focused on the coming challenges user experience designers and researchers will face creating services and interactions around a much wider range of devices, not all of which may have screens. Fjord’s presentation was featured in Bruce Sterling’s ‘Beyond the Beyond’ blog for Wired.

During the Design by Fire event in the Netherlands, Claire gave a presentation about the psychology of creativity. She and Alfred Lui also ran a concepting workshop as part of the Design Camp unconference day that preceded the main conference. The workshop gave interaction designers a taste of concepting around smart objects.

Fjord Family

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