Daniel S. Freeman

Fjord Stockholm 5 Years


On September 22 Fjord Stockholm celebrated 5 years since the birth of our studio.  It’s hard to express the feeling of seeing how far we have come from modest beginnings in 2011 when a team of three set out to establish Fjord in Stockholm.

From humble beginnings in a small room overlooking Humlegården, we started a journey bringing great service design to a market that understood the value of design, but was new in many ways to the use of it in shaping digital strategies and service experiences.

We are hugely grateful for the trust our clients placed in us and the long lasting impact we have created working together to launch iconic digital services in Sweden.  Our work with 3 has been an inspiration within Fjord for the power of a great customer service experience; we created an iconic tabloid news experience for mobile with Expressen; and our elegantly simple design for credit card payments with Point (now part of Verifone) is something that millions of people use every day! Without these great partnerships, Fjord would not be what we are today!

What have I learnt over the last 5 years? Success is all about a great diverse team, large ambitions and a super work environment.  I am inspired everyday by the people I work with and their hidden talents, quirky habits and great opinions that they bring to the studio every day. We share a goal of improving the world through great design and we are lucky to be in a position to bring that vision to the best companies in Sweden. A fantastic studio makes all the difference and it’s great to see so many of our clients and partners spending so much time with us here.

Looking forward, we are speeding into an age of Living Services – incredible new digital experiences on new devices and platforms, powered by rich new data sources and aimed at meeting the very high expectations that people have for digital experiences at home, work and play.

It’s an exciting time to be in the design industry and I am honoured to be working with such an amazing team of people!

Look forward to the 10-year anniversary!

Daniel S. Freeman

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