Fjord: the most important digital trends

Ida Jensen

Kauppalehti: Global service design company Fjord has compiled a list of 2016 major digital trends in a recent report.

Fjord’s Trends 2016 report, looks at how consumer experiences will shape the next ten trends:

Listening devices:
The newest wearable technology and other smart devices corresponding to voice commands and interpret the data we produce – it learns from its users, and generate responses in real time as appropriate, “micro-moments” tied to experience.

Services have manners:
Big data brings with it responsibility. Digital consumer confidence must be earned. Pioneering Enterprises privacy practices have been built on technologies and service design from the beginning.

Employee Experience:
People’s expectations and demands of the service experience in terms of spread leisure time in the workplace. Employee experience, service design will transform the work place processes, organizational structure and culture.

Disappearing applications:
A single function application no longer meet the demands of everyday life, or mobile devices – Applications “atomizes”, i.e. blend into the platforms and third-party services. Some of the functions will be fully automated.


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Ida Jensen

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