Danielle Lundquist

Fjord Trends 2016: Taking things off the thinking list

Thanks to the digitization of everything, we now have the most hyperreactive markets in history. However, innovation at this speed comes with an unintended consequence – a never-ending glut of options. From more than a million apps in the Apple Store to your grocery’s milk aisle, every aspect of our lives now requires making a choice.

One of the more startling revelations of recent years is that people are more likely to make poor decisions, be less satisfied, and switch off entirely when confronted with the burden of increased choice. Hence, the desire for people to take things off the “thinking list.”

Celia Romaniuk, Fjord’s group design director in London, tells us more.

The full Fjord Trends 2016 report contains more information about this trend and 9 others. Please click here for full access.

Danielle Lundquist

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