#FjordJourneys 2013

Katherine Shenton

This July some of our Fjordians were given the amazing opportunity to travel to the island of Senja in Arctic Norway for the trip of a lifetime.

A five-day outdoor journey awaited them, with some great activities to get involved in. The group flew into Bardufoss Airport then travelled to Senja to stay in beautiful modern houses.

The group had a first full day of kayaking in the fjord, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The second day consisted of a hike to the summit of a peak, where they could admire the beautiful Norwegian landscape, followed by an evening BBQ. The final day’s activities were a second hike, with body rafting in the Arctic sea currents. The group then had access to their own private hot tub, built into an old ship.

Our Fjordians were able to travel to the Nordics and fall in love with the beautiful landscapes. You can follow their personal #FjordJourneys and view all of their photos on the Fjord Facebook page or on our Pinterest account.

Katherine Shenton

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