Samantha Sumpter

Fjord’s Chaotic R&D is at it again!

After debuting nine projects at South by Southwest in March and making a splash at Cannes Lions, Fjord’s Austin-based R&D department is back in the spotlight with recognition from Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards.

With more than 1,700 entries from 41 different countries, competition was stiff, but both of Fjord’s innovative entries—which made their debut and made headlines at SXSW 2016—received recognition.

InVōc was the biggest success and scored a finalist slot in the Experimental category. This project combined an Android Wear watch and gesture control, allowing the user to pre-program specific movements and motions to carry out specific commands. Whether it’s turning the music up or hailing a cab, InVōc gives the wearer wizard-like control, and with the flick of the wrist or turn of a hand, they can alter their environment like never before.

Meanwhile, Döppeldancer, which wowed crowds and entertained attendees at the Fjord SXSW party and at Cannes Lions as iCannesDance, also got some love and recognition in the Experimental category. Using a high-res body scanner and cloud computing, Döppeldancer creates a 3D mesh of the user’s body to create their digital double, then adds dance animations of the user’s choice. The result? An avatar showing off some seriously awesome moves on a full-blown digital dance floor.

And these aren’t just fun, futuristic projects, but creations with serious real-life applications right now. For more info on these and other projects, click here. (Or just wait until the next awards announcement comes out. We’re sure it won’t be long.)

Samantha Sumpter

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