Fjord’s Digital Nomads report highlights ‘new mobility’

Annie Woodhead

Fjord’s trends and insights are designed to help clients and the wider public harness key trends and shifts in consumer behaviour, thus enabling them to create products and services attuned to the needs of current and future markets.

New technology is making it easy to access information and work regardless of location. Employees can access email, create documents, and hold meetings without even being in the office. This has opened up new possibilities and a new class of digital worker, the Digital Nomad.

Digital Nomads utilise mobile technologies to work literally anywhere in the world, often moving from place to place on a regular basis. Digital Nomads always have access to the most up to date trends and cultural insight. Instead of being bound to a particular office, the Nomads literally live wherever in the world they most need to be. This could be Berlin, Buenos Aires or Beirut.

The Nomadic existence is made possible by a new generation of smaller, cheaper, more battery efficient devices, allowing Nomads to match technology to the needs of their environment.

In order to understand the needs of these highly mobile workers, Fjord interviewed a small but highly influential group of Nomads to understand their goals and the measurable objectives they hope to achieve through Nomadic living. We also wanted to understand how the physical and social costs of this highly demanding mobile existence compared with the benefits.

We wanted to understand whether this level of mobile working was something which could feasibly be achieved by everyone in the future, and indeed if that would be beneficial. Can business be made better if it is no longer constrained by workspace? Which technologies do organisations need to be put in place to truly meet the needs of its Nomadic workforce?

By analysing how these few individuals deal with a Nomadic existence, we sought to find out how the technologies that the Nomads are using can support increasingly mobile working. What will be the long-term impact of the Nomadic phenomenon in 6 months to a year?

This report is an essential resource for any organisation seeking to achieve best practice in new mobility, and provides ideas and insights as to how to improve performance across your business. By showing what works for the Nomads, we can help you see how mobile working can help you, and support you in its implementation.

Read Fjord’s Digital Nomads report.

Annie Woodhead

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