Fjord’s Nandini Nayak announced as a keynote speaker at the Designers of Things Conference

Ida Jensen

Nandini Nayak, managing director and design strategy leader at Fjord, has been selected as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Designers of Things Conference in San Jose, Calif. Her talk, “The Promise of IoT: The Era of Living Services,” will focus on answering three very important questions:

  • What are Living Services?
  • What drives their creation?
  • What can businesses and brands do to take advantage of the opportunities created by Living Services?

While the Internet of Things is enabling the “digitization of everything” by creating a vast network of connected machines and objects, Living Services will utilize the connected environment to fundamentally transform the way we live and work. Nan’s presentation will address the impact of Living Services on most aspects of our lives – our homes, finances and workplaces – as well as on industries, like health, retail and the future of travel.

The conference will run from Dec. 2-3 at the San Jose Convention Center. Nan will be speaking at 9:00 a.m. on Dec. 3.

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Ida Jensen

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