From Instagram collage to Lego miniature: 5 creative ad agency resumes

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By Yuyu Chen and Tanya Dua

The bar is somewhat higher for applicants looking for gigs at creative and design agencies. In order to stand out among a throng of other creative job seekers, applicants need a little something extra — a resume that stands out for its creativity while remaining appropriate to the agency. Crafting the perfect calling card requires skill and smarts, but also panache and a dash of wit. Here, Carrot, Partners + Napier, Fjord and 22squared shared some of the most creative resumes that they’ve received in recent months.


A Lego miniature
Emily Kuret, interaction designer for Fjord Toronto Studio, landed her current job four months ago with a Lego girl attached to a customized flash drive where she put her design portfolio and resume.

Kuret explained that the miniature of herself was pieced together from several Lego kits. “My hunt began with finding a Lego person whose face most closely resembled mine,” she said. Since she often wears all black, she had to find another Lego person with a black top and bottom. And her dark blond hair was a whole other task.

“Much to my surprise, Lego does not make many blonde girls, so I had to search through several toy stores to find a kit with matching hair color!” she said.

Kuret even put a tiny business card inside the figure’s briefcase because she wanted to impress her now boss by something that would stand out amid the stack of print-outs on his desk.


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