Sofia Porner

Game changing ideas to protect the planet

On the 5th of May 2017, Fjord Stockholm had the opportunity to host a skill-building session in connection with the Global Change Award. An award, which is unique in its ambition of wanting to change the fashion industry. ‘The Nobel Prize of fashion’.

Accenture is a supporting partner of the initiative alongside the H&M Foundation and KTH – Kungliga tekniska högskolan (The Royal Institute of Technology). The session allowed Accenture and Fjord to utilize our mutual strength around industry point-of-views and our ambition to support innovation. The focus was to support the winning teams of Global Change Award with our competence within fashion and sustainability, combined with our capability of applying design thinking to any given problem.

The five winning teams that took part of the session all have a different idea, but a common goal: to disrupt. Three of the teams were focusing on finding substitute material and two were focused on effecting the product process. Sitting down with the teams one-on-one, provided us with the opportunity to coach each team on how to think about the next step for their innovation. We encouraged them to ask questions such as: who are the main users? Which stakeholders do they have to consider? Which value does the idea add? Some of the teams had a proof of concept and some were still in the research phase. Across all the teams one question kept coming back: how could they scale their idea and make it real?

One of the issues we discussed the most was how fast an idea really needed to be developed and tested. How would the teams frame their idea and identify what focus was needed in order to be able to scale? We discussed the challenge of defining what industry their idea fitted into: were they resellers of cow manure? Or were they building a fashion brand? How could they define the ecosystem that they were a part of? We also coached the teams to decide how to communicate their value proposition in a clear manner, so that established businesses could clearly understand how they would fit into the value-chain.

It was an amazing session, and I think all of us – participants and Fjordians alike – left feeling inspired and full of new ideas. We all got very excited about the power that lies in our hands to innovate and change the world. It is hard to imagine what the future might look like, but after this day it is easy to feel full of optimism.

This session was part of the yearly accelerator program where Accenture and Fjord together with H&M Foundation and KTH are coaching the five winning teams in developing their innovation ideas to impact change in the fashion industry.

Sofia Porner

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