Getting the 10 year old’s perspective : banking

Sara Munday

Here is the third and final in our series of videos to celebrate our decade of design.
We spoke to some 10 year olds about the world we work in.

See the first one, on media here.
See the second one, on mobile devices and gadgets here.

This one is on the topic of banking.

Fjord’s favourite insights:
The amount these 10 year olds know about banking and digital banking! They are saving for real things, “my college fund”, “a car” but also fun things, “a dragon-ball-z game”.
That they understand there’s money on your mobile phone and this could be used for cash, as well as your mobile device being used to check your account details.

Would you have known as much at 10? Cute? Yes. Insightful? We thought so.

Sara Munday

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