Getting the 10 year old’s perspective : media

Annie Woodhead

October 2011 marked a decade of design for Fjord.

We wanted to understand a little more about how the world has changed in 10 years, so who better to speak to than 10 year old children?

We spoke to some children in the UK and the US  (some are min-Fjordians!) about various sectors we work in… and here’s the outcome of our conversations with them about media (which in their world seemed to be mostly television and the internet), we’re not sure our responses would be anywhere near as interesting when we were 10… enjoy.

Fjord’s favourite insights:

The internet is for things that are quite functional, “looking up stuff”, “information” and “research” (on a vast range of topics just in this video!) but also for relaxing and fun, “videos” and “gaming.”

On why you can find information so quickly, because it’s “organised by ABC.”

On what TV was like when their parents were young “no remote controls.. and they were like squares!”

Cute? Yes. Insightful? We thought so.

Annie Woodhead

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