Going on a digital diet would be a good thing sometimes

Inaki Amate

La Vanguardia:

Within the lexicon of the technology sector, the expression “digital transformation” is commonly used as an umbrella term covering the offering of products and, above all, services. It is so commonplace that fears that marketing departments will turn it into yet another cliché would not be misplaced, but the fact remains that digitisation is a component of economic activity. The company Fjord, established in 2001 with a presence in 15 countries and over 300 clients [Vodafone, Skype, Adidas, BBC, BBVA, Banco Sabadell…] was acquired by Accenture in 2013. It defines itself as a specialist in Service Design, an activity which it views as “the creation of digital experiences and services and the improvement of existing ones, focussing on people’s perspectives”.

Iñaki Amate was born in Zaragoza, but spent many years living in Finland, where he joined Fjord in 2004. At the Madrid office, he was in charge of the company in Spain and Latin America, before recently setting off to run the Hong Kong office with a mission to develop the Chinese market.


The full article was published in the print edition of La Vanguardia. You can read the original article on the author’s blog in Spanish here (Translated to English here). 

Inaki Amate

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