Hack You debut in Toronto – the video!

Andy Goodman

A few months ago we told you about our visit to Interaction 13. Marco Righetto and I gave the Hack You talk and it was a great experience. Since then we’ve gone on to expand it into articles in FastCompany and Yorokubu and have taken it on a little roadshow to SxSW, Future By Design 2013, and will be presenting it to UX Spain next month.

We’ve even had some disagreement from a regular columnist at MIT technology review, so it must have pushed a few buttons. But that’s fine, that’s what we like to do at Fjord sometimes. Actually I chatted to the author afterwards and he was really quite pleasant and we debated the ideas without coming to blows.

You will hear more about Hack You and how our talk is evolving, but Toronto’s Interaction 13 marked its debut and we keep a warm memory of our presence there, in spite of the freezing weather. The video we promised to share is finally available from Interaction 13’s Vimeo channel:

Andy Goodman & Marco Righetto: Hack You from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Andy Goodman

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