Happy Hack Day


In January 2013, Fjord Madrid adopted a policy we learned from companies that inspire us: every Fjordian can use up to 10% of paid hours to do whatever they feel like doing.

It can be a project to improve the way we work or organize ourselves, a study group about relevant Service Design topics, time devoted to acquire new skills or just inventing things for fun.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do during these “Hack Days”. What’s important here is the fact that, every other Friday, we are able to pause from ongoing business projects to explore and share ideas that make us grow as individuals and as a team.

So Madrid based Fjordians have been organizing themselves individually or in groups, to develop a wide variety of activities.  We’d like to share some here. Today is a Hack Day in Fjord Madrid office. Who knows whether we’ll invent the next big thing in Service Design or we’ll just have a fun time (and lunch) together. Or maybe both!

And some of the more practical ones:

Creating a tool that shows a clear view of the stakeholders in a meeting;

Methods to optimize research work and how to do it in the most fast, cost effective way;

A study group on data visualization, ranging from medium complexity to complex data scenarios;

Or a simple, responsive, highly visual tool called “Fjord Source” aimed to support knowledge sharing, relationships between peers and resourcing across Fjord.

SourceThe more recreational ones:

A skateboard sensor to map the roughness of the terrain.

One brave man who’s trying to deal with our Microsoft’s Pixel Sense (formerly Surface) table and is trying to feed ‘her’ with a gaming-style application so she can help us kill time, a very healthy thing to do from time to time!

Or Rondo, a Kinect-based installation to virtually kick a ball around different Fjord offices. Let’s say you have the ball in your screen in Berlin’s office. Kick it right, you’ll take it to the office regionally closer to you on the right side (that’d be Helsinki). Kick it left, you’ll send it to Paris!

Rondo Kinect


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