Happy Pi Day!

Annie Woodhead

From Aronofsky to E-Z bake, pi and pies are celebrated for their contributions to the art of disguising butter, less than stellar grades in high school, and double sens. Today we come together to celebrate their place in our hearts and bellies in friendly competition. We officially announce the first annual Fjord Pi Day Pie-Off.

Be warned, Pi Day is not for the faint of heart or the weak stomached. It is a chance for the bravest, most daring of culinary masters at Fjord to take the stage and show off what their mamma taught ‘em.

We will feverishly bake our pies in a quest for East or West Coast domination. Here are our rules:

Each team must submit an equal number of pies to be judged. Pies sumbitted must be made by hand by a member of the team and include a recipe and photo of the pie.

A pie may not be judged by its creator.

Entries must be submitted by EOD Friday, March 16, 2012.

Winners get bragging rights. Everyone gets a collection of recipes.

We will share photos and recipes following the final judging. We invite you to grab your protractor, leave your diet at the door, and enjoy a slice of pie or two.

Annie Woodhead

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