Teaque Lenahan

Health beyond the physical with Fjord Seattle Kitchen

On June 7th, Fjord Seattle hosted our first Kitchen event. Not content to take the idea of “kitchen” metaphorically, we hosted this discussion on holistic health by renting out local celebrity chef Tom Douglas’s cooking school, the Hot Stove Society, to make the conversation more interactive and oriented to “making.”

Thought leaders in consumer electronics, healthcare, telecom, retail, academia, and the government came together to talk about “Healthy is the new Wealthy,” but we broadened the discussion to unpack not only the physical, but also mental, environment, educational, economic, social justice, and infrastructural aspects of truly holistic health. We tackled a diverse set of prompts that led us to questions like:

  • How does a poor economic landscape affect the health (mentally, physically, and financially) of at-risk populations?
  • How can new technologies like AR/VR be used to build empathy in driving populations to help others?
  • How can social and corporate enterprises host hackathons that can tackle employee and population anxieties that lead to decreased opportunities, and by extension, decreased health?

After being coached on specific courses around recipes with local ingredients – salmon, asparagus, pasta, citrus, etc. – we went to work as a team and created a healthy and wonderful meal. The work didn’t end at the stove, however, and we provoked an interactive session that drove a lot of passion that has continued beyond that evening in particular.

Several of our guests have already followed up with us and with each other, and we look forward to supporting future work in making Seattle healthier.

Teaque Lenahan

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