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How drinking beer can make you smarter

Presentation slides sometimes tend to slide out of your mind faster than you can tap a keg. Therefore we chose a rather different setting, to give our team at Fjord Berlin insights into the field of Big-Data Visualization.

At Bierlieb in Berlin our colleagues were invited for a beer tasting of special kind. Equipped with global beer socialization, the Fjordians encountered the delicate selection of crafted beers from the world’s best breweries. Together with Visual Designer Johanna Härmä, Project Manager Jessilyn Yoo and Creative Technologist Tuomas Karhu, we created an App for our colleagues to evaluate the booze in the categories appearance, smell, taste, texture and and overall rating.

at the beertasting_appview copy

We didn’t only want to justify tasting delicious beer all evening, but show that service design, data visualization and big data can be combined with basically anything that has to do with life.

How it works….

The key focus was to make rating as simple, elegant and effortless as possible. There was no need to download an app just for one night, so we created a webapp using AngularJS and Firebase, a cloud based dynamic database service a.k.a. “backend as a service” (BaaS), that allows real time data visualization and enabled us to link web and mobile app experiences.

Every user could simply grab his or her phone and enter a URL into the browser and the rating was ready to go. The overall data and statistics were shown on a projector and the personal statistics on their phones.

With those features, the app can of course be used for many purposes beyond beer tasting and might turn into a handy tool for workshops or any other circumstance, which demands for quick ratings or democratic procedures.

The Fjord Beer

Being creatives, we of course also wanted to create something very tangible: Our very own Fjord beer. A Belgian wit, elegant and simple in its taste and with an ingenious spicing of Thai basil, coriander seeds and a tint of apricot – clearly the night’s winner.

Fjord beer 2

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Since the Fjord beer pilot testing had been such a tremendous success, we decided to go global and involve our colleagues in all our studios across the globe. Ideally we will be able to aggregate the data from all over Fjord and get valuable insights to be able to create beers specifically tailored to each studio’s taste buds.

This experience might have stayed in some heads the next morning, but surely in everybody’s mind.

Fjordians labeling the beer

Jesse Niemelä

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