How to create a stand-out portfolio

Emma Scott

Creating a strong, memorable portfolio is no easy task. Stories are getting harder to tell as work gets more complex and increased collaboration blurs the lines of ownership. A portfolio is critical for designers to showcase their capabilities and experiences, and clearly articulating work requires discipline and a well-defined understanding of your unique personal narrative.

To answer the key questions regarding what should go into a UX case study and how to best showcase a project, Fjord’s Interaction Design Lead, KC Oh, joined a panel of UX professionals which included Beverly May, founder and organizer of the UX Awards, Ben Tregoing, Co-founder and Director of the The Design Team, Matt Weber, CEO of Conjure and NYU professor, and Brian Ragan, Executive Director of User Experience at MRY.

“Your portfolio doesn’t need to show everything. It’s just the first step, the conversation starter,” said KC. For this reason it is essential that one adjusts their portfolio for the context and audience. The discussion also centered around the importance of revealing process. As Ben explained, “just providing the end result is like telling the punch line of a joke first.”

Want to learn more about how to create a stand-out portfolio? Join Fjord in New York this Thursday, May 15th, for a portfolio review in partnership with Behance. Get one-on-one guidance on how to present your work, build a compelling story, and tailor it for the audience. For more details and to RSVP, please visit our Behance Portfolio Review Meetup page.

Emma Scott

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