How to read digital tea leaves

Sara Munday

Ideas change everything.

That’s the tag line for the Do Lectures, an inspiring conference that brings together brilliant minds who are changing the world and challenging how we think.

Mike Beeston recently spoke at the Do Lectures conference in Fforest, West Wales where he joined authors, entrepreneurs and the inventor behind a recycled syringe that has saved an estimated 10 million lives (read more about SafePoint here) to talk, share ideas and enjoy a welcome return to the simple life (speakers and guests camped out in tents and there was no internet!)

In a talk titled, ‘How to read digital tea leaves’, Mike shares his interpretation of what’s happening right now in digital and where that might lead. He introduces his vision for a new phase of digital that’s all about ‘me, here and now’ and the possibilities for a contextual web that could provide meaning and help us address some of the greatest challenges we face as a civilisation.

How will we build this web? Where should we look for the answer? That remains to be seen, but perhaps we need to ground ourselves back down to the fundamentals to get the simplicity of thinking we will need to get there.

Sara Munday

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