Suzanne Gause

Hyper Island World Tour Comes to Fjord New York

We’re living in a time of remarkable and exciting change, a time when new technologies, shifting and ever-demanding consumer expectations, and fresh start-ups that constantly challenge the status quo are changing the world around us at breakneck speed.

We recently teamed up with our friends at Hyper Island to explore some of these themes in a series of workshops held at several of our studios around the globe. Together with the change makers of tomorrow (that’s you!), we are exploring the trends transforming society and the skills designers will need to help businesses navigate these new realities. So far, the Hyper Island World Tour has visited Fjord’s London, Berlin and Helsinki studios – and just made its first stop in the U.S. with a visit to Fjord New York.

In New York, we enjoyed a fun-filled, thought-provoking evening where we explored trends impacting behavior, talent, business and technology and took a deep dive into what we dub the third era of digital: Living Services.

Fjord’s Kelsa Trom, a design connector, and Natalia Radywyl, a senior design researcher, gave a short presentation to familiarize the group with Living Services. Each team was given a scenario about a specific person with a problem to address. Using the trends discussed from earlier in the evening as inspiration, participants brainstormed real-world service solutions for these problems.


By starting with a person and problem, participants were able to apply service design thinking in the context of everyday life. Teams pitched their design solutions to the group; everyone then voted on their favorite solution. The winning concept? A health care solution encompassing three parts: 1) helping an elderly patient stay on track of his health, 2) keeping the patient’s doctor up to date on critical changes, and 3) helping his close family members monitor his daily well-being. It was inspiring for all of us to co-create with our friends from the design and digital communities and start to think through potential solutions to real-world problems.


Thank you, Hyper Island, for coming to Fjord New York and giving us the opportunity to share our thinking about Living Services with the community.

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Suzanne Gause

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