In 2016 nothing will be confidential

Ida Jensen

Marketing Türkiye: Accenture Digital’s design consultancy Fjord, has released its 2016 report on trends. Virtual reality, wearable technology , consumer behavior and data will be discussed much more.

(translated from Turkish)

1V ‘s dream comes true
In 2016 virtual reality takes centre stage. A very short time ago VR technology was only used in aircraft simulations and quite expensive technology. In 2016 The virtual reality will be extremely fast. In the first half of 2016 we will see Sony, Samsung and Oculous release the consumer version of virtual reality products . Take their place along with the marketing platform for the players as the next step in Ocululus Rift virtual reality products and other accessories .

What’s going on?

At the end of 2015 Samsung made ​​a very ambitious early exit and 99 dollars issued a VR. Sony is planning to increase its product in 2016. Companies are creating their own platform for experimenting with the technology. For example, you can instal your own smart phone in Google ‘s DIY Cardboard and you have created your own personal virtual reality system. The New York Times provides millions of first VR film production Cardboard set by Google . Nokia OZONE a VR machine was created specifically for professional content creators.

In 2016 we will witness virtual reality used as a training tool. 12 schools in the US and Canada, and 3 in Denmark and Singapore announced that they are equipped with virtual reality technology. In the business field ; Virtual reality is very likely to affect the process. Both the Cooperation, and also to provide new ways to improve efficiency.

What will happen?
In 2016 the early adopters of this technology, virtual reality, will come to homes and businesses . In addition, virtual reality will affect many other sectors – not only the gaming industry. The real question is: If affected; How and when should your business adapt, and how will it affect the customer experience.Sometimes you need to look back to the past to look to the future.

Read the full trends report on Slideshare

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Ida Jensen

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