Incubator Hack Day – San Francisco Edition

Aynne Valencia

Fjord Incubator is an internal initiative that gives Fjordians an opportunity to jump outside of client work and delve into some blue sky thinking. It allows us to explore design, technology, and behavioral trends and apply insights from these trends to tangible ideas and concepts. Incubator offers some inspiration and head space that we can then inject back into our everyday work.

For Fjord San Francisco’s first Incubator Day, Service Design Leads Aynne Valencia and Sonja Waksan facilitated an all-day session inspired by hack-a-thons and design charrettes. The entire office got involved, and designers of all levels partnered with interns, business development, program managers, and marketing to create cross-disciplinary teams. Participants were able to choose from three topic areas: Health, Travel, or Social Impact.  The teams were then set loose to craft opportunity statements, develop points of view, and create a concept and proposed solution. By the end of the day, groups had come up with the beginnings of some provocative service ideas. You can check out our presentations below. We’ll continue to evolve these ideas and update on our progress as we hope to bring some of these concepts to life!

Navigate – A Fjord Incubator Project from Fjord PROJECT TEAM: David Holland, Sonja Waskan, Supriya Shah


Wellful – A Fjord Incubator Project from Fjord  PROJECT TEAM: Dave Snowball, Sara Munday, Daniel Kim


Good Koz
Good Koz – A Fjord Incubator Project from Fjord  PROJECT TEAM: Dylan Fiesel, Yvonne So

Aynne Valencia

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