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Sara Munday

Every week the London design team get together and talk about things that have caught their imagination. It’s a great way to share ideas and think about how events, books, inventions, art, fashion and anything in the wider world around us can influence the work we do for the better. Here’s what’s grabbing our attention this week:

Abbie’s inspiration was Offscreen’s beautiful offline-only magazine all about digital design. Abbie found the article “From Pen To Pixel” (mag no. 3), showcasing wireframe sketches during the design process, particularly interesting. We’re now exploring how we could use this method of visually revealing the steps involved in each project we do at Fjord to better showcase the design process to our clients.

Dom is a fan of our office “Like” fridge magnet. He explained, in no uncertain terms, how ineffective he found Facebook’s “like” button in getting people to commit to their opinions and encourage people to get more deeply involved.

Luke recently went along to the Design Leaders event where people talked about the need for simplicity – a principal we champion – in response to the rise of designs and experiences that people are finding increasingly difficult to use. He explained how the introduction of mobile browsing has meant sites are not as bloated and content heavy as they once were and pointed to good examples of design guidelines such as those issued by which call for designers to “do less”. We all agreed that Apple’s latest Podcasts app is another good example of simple design improving an experience which is far less complex than iTunes. He recommended reading the book, Universal Design Principles, for more information around simplicity in design.

Rob shared the No Place Like Home shoes by Dominic Wilcox, Becky Stewart and Global Footprint, based in Northampton. The inspiration behind these GPS enabled brogues were dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. Rob was also inspired by the promotional video as it described the shoes in a very engaging way, highlighting the importance of language to engage with the biggest audience possible.

Gemma was inspired by a book given to her called Graphic Design for Non-Designers. As she isn’t from a design background, she has found this book useful in gaining a more in-depth understanding of design principles and terminology.

Maria was particularly captivated by a talk she heard at the International Conference on Design & Emotion around the role of emotion in creating a good user experience, product design, mobile app design, fashion, fragrance and hospitality.

John showed us a gadget he has recently discovered for making electrical switches safer around the house. Traditionally, copper screws have been used to secure live wires within the casing but due to the friction caused by the current, these can become loosened and could potentially be quite dangerous. A small plastic gadget using clamps instead of screws is more efficient at this job than the old copper screws, resulting in a safer home and ultimately, a happier John!

Stay tuned for our next installment…

Sara Munday

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