Danielle Lundquist
Samantha Sumpter

Introducing Design Voices

Our new publication on Medium is for designers, developers and data nerds — from the aspiring to the expert, and anywhere in between. 

We’re no strangers to telling stories. From our annual Trends report to frequent Conversations to Fjord Fika, our innovation (and pastry-focused) podcast, we’ve long been dedicated to sharing our thinking on problems, ideas, questions and controversies in the design and tech world.

But this… this is something different.

Design today is many things. It’s everything, and it’s everywhere. It’s both global and local, male and female, young and old. In many ways, design is a catch-all for the way the world works. At Fjord, we see ourselves as one, but we are also a collection of 900+ voices, insights, perspectives and ideas. Just like design – we are many and the few, all at the same time.

Therefore, we launched Design Voices to take advantage of the diverse perspectives, opinions, talents and interests – plus general brilliance – of these individuals.

Think of Design Voices as a spot for shining a spotlight on the craft of design, a look behind the curtain at what design is and how it works. A place where you’ll hear distinctly different – yes – voices, and where you’ll find something new every time.

This is a publication, by those in design, for designers, developers, data geeks, technologists, and design aficionados – with design as a common language.  And it’s not from Fjord the brand, but the people behind it. We hope you enjoy it!

And if you ever want to get in touch with us, please email our editorial team at [email protected]

Danielle Lundquist
Samantha Sumpter

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