IoT, Web Reshape Design

Danielle Lundquist

EE Times:

The rise of the Internet of Things and Web services is driving new design principles, said a consultant in a keynote at the Designers of Things event here (Thursday, Dec. 3). The new goal is to delight customers with experiences that evolve in flexible ways that show you understand their needs, said Nandini Nayak, global managing director for design strategy at Fjord, a division of Accenture.

“When you think about the value your product provides in a human context, you may change the way you provide that value,” Nayak told attendees. “It’s not just about the sensors, but what they enable and how they are applied,” she said.

Customers have been taught to have what she called “liquid expectations” that transcend the boundaries of any particular company or industry. For example, they have become used to letting payment services from Apple, Google and PayPal supplement what banks offer.

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Danielle Lundquist

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